One bag of 250 count 1" Woodbinder® screws


  • Fastener designed to attach steel roofing & siding used in post-frame & residential metal roofing applications.
  • Threads transition from fine to coarse to generate superior holding strength in various wood substrates.
  • Micro-Bit point reduces metal shavings that can embed themselves in the rubber washer.
  • EPDM rubber is vulcanized to a steel washer to form an excellent seal even when driven at an angle.


All unpainted woodbinder MB fasteners come standard with duraseal® plus enhanced corrosion resistance coating. 


For proper installation, the use of impact drivers is not recommended for poweder coated or any wet painted fastener


Pullout & pullover values are determined in the ST fastening systems engineering laboratory & Based upon wood densities found in present day wood products.


The MB micro-bit point may generate small metal shavings upon installation. it is recommended to clean/sweep the metal panels after installation to prevent premature rust specks. 


1" WoodBinder Kwikseal screws (250 per bag)

  • Returns on screws will only be accepted on unopened bags. Upon reciept of return we will issue you a refund. Thank you!

  •                  Kwikseal MB   Kwikseal MB stitch  Head style            1/4”HWH            1/4” HWH

    Drill point               Micro-Bit™         Micro-Bit™

    Major diameter      .205/.191           .215/.209

    Minor diameter      .121/.116            .160/.153

    Washer/head diameter   .348/.322     .348/.322

    Hear across flats    NOM .250           NOM .250

    ULT. tensile strength     1904 LBS.   2900 LBS.

    MIN. torsional strength  56 IN.-LBS. 88 IN.-LBS.NOM.                                                        Shear strength     1547 LBS.   1962 LBS.